The assessment criteria for the selection of the company's VoIP solution

Published: 03rd June 2010
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Migration of Corporate Communications for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) address the legacy Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or PBX is a rational economic decision and that VoIP is the acceptance as a standard service communication won. But the VoIP business solutions in many variants, called VoIP Termination Service IP Centrex service. The main motivation for undertaking their communication infrastructure to VoIP services migrate comes from the ability to make phone calls and much less expensive and faxes. Used correctly, VoIP Company, whether small, medium or large organizations can lead to greater productivity and higher profitability.

A solution for companies that will reduce their communication costs as voice-over-IP with the termination of that save the company up to 50% on calls over the PSTN known. This service uses the public Internet or private IP network managed to make calls to terminate your business, instead of the RTC, allowing significant savings for you. Another business communications replacement called IP Centrex, hosted or Centrex service. This can be considered a substitute virtual PBX service. The service provides PBX features to their guest to improve their own softswitch POP connection to your existing broadband business. You need to determine what kind of service that best suits their business needs in its assessment of the VoIP business solutions.

Are due to the increasing popularity of VoIP to reduce the cost of business communications, there are many new entries into the market for service provider was. With the current proliferation of new suppliers are often newly trained service providers and wholesalers, who at a very attractive price and high quality properties that cannot meet. Of course, attribute this leads to dissatisfaction with the VoIP service business and to change a negative reaction to his decision. For these reasons it is better to have a short list of the popular create-established and reliable provider of VoIP services. A reliable VoIP service provider is any provider of communication, which has a solid customer base in telecommunications management and engineers, more than 2 years of proven experience.

1st Voice Quality: A class of service will have several POPs (Point of Presence) and switches of software, which is the lowest latency (aka LAG), and enables faster connections. Minimize delay and jitter (short-term volatility in the quality of a call) is two parameters provide important, high-quality VoIP telephone calls and fax. Another important parameter that should be used as a measure of the quality of voice service is the MOS (Mean Opinion Score) number.
MOS score is a subjective quality of a call by the original manufacturer Bell to quantify the quality of a call, with 1 being unacceptable and 5, the superlatives. A classic range of voice over IP would be from 3.5 to 4.2, using a G.711 codec. In contrast, the result is considered 2.8 to 3.2 in general and cell phone calls. For its business VoIP service, you must provide a minimum of 4.0 MOS score of a potential supplier to come as close to 4.4 (equivalent to the PSTN toll quality service network) that is possible. Good voice quality is a critical factor in assessing the average between the best suppliers.

2nd Prices: had become one of the key areas that probably attracted by his company to a VoIP service primarily to lower telecommunications costs. Make sure you understand the fee structure of different suppliers, who have decided to evaluate. The increased competition in the VoIP business sector recently, the rate varies considerably. All VoIP networks are not equal, and the structure of the provider of internal costs and profit margin requirements can create a wide range of price structures. Also, be sure discounts according to volume of calls, usually expressed as to negotiate the MOU (minutes of use) must be sent to the service provider.

3rd Network integration: All businesses operating today have an existing telecommunications network to meet their individual needs to telecommunications. The migration to VoIP services should have a smooth and relatively painless for your business. The VoIP service should be its choice location, easy to integrate to their existing services to their VoIP network are affected very little during the migration.

4th The plethora of features: A great thing about VoIP termination services and hosted IP is the variety of value-added features that make it possible to offer. Call waiting, call forwarding, three-way conference calling, speed dialing, conference pre-established, even by video (and others) are available; often increase with little or no cost, to help you achieve your goal productivity. Choose the one that the features and services to meet their operational needs and add value to your organization in particular offer.

5th Billing: All major VoIP providers must be used for real-time pricing capabilities with a proven exercise proper control over their VoIP minutes with a large number of individual clients. CDR (Call Detail Records) should be one bill for all calls and enables them to optimize their networks and ensure the rate structure you signed up to load with precision and consistency.

6th Assessment Results: To verify the allegations on network quality, service and user-friendliness, which ultimately will determine their overall satisfaction with the service that you should join at any time a live test the VoIP provider is evaluated. The test should not be less than 48 hours, preferably longer. This will give a good account of services and features offered. During the process, you should obtain measurements of ACD (average call duration), ASR (average success rate) and PDD (Post Dial Delay), which are also used to compare the different providers of QoS (Quality of Service).

Ultimately, you need to choose the best business VoIP service for you and your organization on the basis of the evaluation criteria in order to achieve a high level of satisfaction with their new business VoIP service. This way you can achieve the original goals of the movement of its business VoIP communications costs and increase productivity.

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